How to Hire the Right Tow Truck

tow truckTowing, or the use one vehicle to move a disabled second vehicle is a common and useful service that comes to the aid of may stuck drivers. Towing can be quite complicated than it sounds because it required a lot of industry specific knowledge for it to be successful. If your cars break down by the road side, the chances are that you will not have time to call around for referrals. If you have a phone by your side, the better option is to search online for “towing services near me.” Of course, your search engine shall return some results, but how do you go about it to choose a company that is right for you?

When making a decision on which company to settle for, there are a couple of factors that should guide you. You need to know about the reputation of the company you are about to contact. How old is the company and what experience does such a company bring to the table?  With these factors needing to be given attention, here are other issues you need to pay focus to; Read more…

Fundamentals of Towing Tips Every New Trailer Owner Should Know

towingThe fact that any person with driving skills can hook up a trailer and tow it down the road doesn’t make everyone a professional driver. Towing a trailer for first timers can be an intimidating experience. Driving any vehicle with another set of wheels that are hitched up behind is a different experience than driving an automobile without any towing attachment. With the right know how and equipment, towing a trailer should be effortless. Ensuring that your trailer is sufficiently prepared can make a big difference in getting to the destination safely

It is important to take towing seriously. There are simple rules and tips you can follow to make the process of towing to be effortless. If you follow them, hooking up a trailer will not end in disaster. Read more…

Three Maintenance tasks for your Trailer Axles

Trailer needs proper maintenance for them to function well. One of the parts of the trailer that need close attention are the axles. Trailer axles failure can cause you not to use your trailer. Besides putting you in danger on the sides of the highways, axle failure also gives an on-the-scene repair challenge which is not an experience you wish to get. Irregular maintenance of the axle can lead to axle damage which may need axle replacement that turns an inexpensive maintenance task into an expensive repair. That is why is essential to ensure regular maintenance of the axles for safety and proper operation of your trailer. Listed below are some trailer axles maintenance tips that will help you prevent trailer breakdown.

Ensure everything is clean

The trailer can dusty whether it is in use or not. Dirt, debris, and dirt have the likelihood of accumulating on the trailer with time. There is need to have a regular rinsing of the trailer. Consistent rinsing will help reduce the chances of dirt getting trapped between brake pads. Moreover, moisture can quickly build up in the axle with time which makes the grease to be diluted hence unable to lubricate. Keeping the axle clean can help prevent such malfunctions.

Repack the bearing

Friction is an essential aspect of moving parts of a machine. The wheel hub has bearings that assist in the moving of the wheel. Once a year, you can remove the wheels from the trailer axle and get the bearings from the wheel hub. Take out the bearings, clean them and repack them into the hub using grease. However, you need to be cautious not to add too much grease since it can damage your grease seals. Damaging the seals can cause grease or oil to leak out and as well allow moisture to get in. Cleaning and greasing the bearings will help reduce the friction between the metal wheels and the axles. In turn, the axle will be able to last longer without failure.

Greasing the axle

Greasing the axle is one of the ways of keeping your axle lubricated. Lubricating your axle will help your trailer to function well and prevent potential wheel damage. Moreover, this will increase the lifespan of your trailer saving you costs you could incur on repairing or replacing the trailer of your axle. For oil bath axles, it is recommended to oil them twice a year using an oil reservoir. Ensure the axle is checked by a professional mechanic even if the oil is full.