Basic Towing Tips and Precautions Everyone Should Know

Towing precautionsIf you own a truck or SUV, there is a likelihood you might have been involved in towing other stranded vehicles from their breakdown point to a secure garage. Additionally, if you own a sizeable towing business such as Charlotte Towing, you may already be in possession of vital knowledge on tips and precautions of performing a successful towing. Not every vehicle is adequately equipped for towing purposes. Before you fasten your trailer, camper or boat to a vehicle, it is important you take adequate time for preparation to get everything right.

If you are new to towing, here are some of towing tips and precautions you need to observe.


Towing a Trailer

Towing a trailer puts a driver in a unique driving situation that calls for extra precautions. Before setting yourself up on a trip, you need to practice basic skills such as turning, stopping and backing your trailer. First, get the right trailer tow hitch. In most cases, people build a trailer that is not made for their needs, they may think a trailer can handle a certain physical load, and it turns out to be a different case.


Load Trailer the Right Way

Loading a trailer the right way applies the rules of common sense, but in many cases, this rule is highly overlooked. When your load is made up of different items, ensure that the heaviest things are placed in the middle of the trailer. Based on trailer type you are using, there may rise the need to tie down the items for proper weight distribution. You may also need to use a tarp to protect your belongings, in case of a bad weather.

Safe Driving

TowingAccidents involving trailers often come as a result of an emergency stop due to driving too fast. The fast driving causes the trailer to sway, and this may potentially render the vehicle out of control. There are many ways you can employ to avoid this swaying. However, the most important thing to do is to practice safe driving. When negotiating corners, be sure to approach them slowly with a manageable speed. If you have a huge load, the effectiveness of your braking will be reduced, and this is an area that needs your concern.



Turning and Accelerating

While towing, turning can be a tricky affair. You need to take time to practice in an empty towing lot before you can set yourself off for a practical test. Ensure that you make use of your side mirrors to judge the distance of objects behind and alongside you. Also, note that the turning radius of a trailer is much smaller that of the tow vehicle. This makes the trailer prone to hitting road signs, trees, and other objects.

When it comes to accelerating and passing, extra care is needed.  Although frequent overtaking is not recommended while towing, it must happen at some time. You need to have adequate distance to pass a vehicle when you are towing a trailer. Note that the added weight of your trailer can drastically decrease acceleration of your towing vehicle. Ensure that you make advance signals to avoid confusing the driver you need to pass.

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