Fundamentals of Towing Tips Every New Trailer Owner Should Know

towingThe fact that any person with driving skills can hook up a trailer and tow it down the road doesn’t make everyone a professional driver. Towing a trailer for first timers can be an intimidating experience. Driving any vehicle with another set of wheels that are hitched up behind is a different experience than driving an automobile without any towing attachment. With the right know how and equipment, towing a trailer should be effortless. Ensuring that your trailer is sufficiently prepared can make a big difference in getting to the destination safely

It is important to take towing seriously. There are simple rules and tips you can follow to make the process of towing to be effortless. If you follow them, hooking up a trailer will not end in disaster.

Getting Started

First, you need to have a properly equipped vehicle that is up to the task. Not every car on the road is capable of towing. You need to consult the owner’s manual on a particular vehicle you plan to use, to see how it is rated regarding towing capabilities. When you hit or exceed the maximum towing weight of your vehicle, you will be putting an extra strain on it, and equally making driving to be more dangerous.

Even Weight Distribution

Weight distribution is among the most vital factors you need to observe. When you increase the weight on the tongue of the trailer, this makes the rear end of the vehicle to sink, and this may cause the front end to lift. If you do so, you are putting a lot of strain on the rear suspension and thus reduces the contact between the load and the front tires. Overall, you will render the vehicle to have less stopping power a which in turn leads to reduced steering ability. The best way to combat poor weight distribution is to ensure that 60 percent of the weight of the trailer be on top of the axle.

Slowing Down

slow downWhen you are hooking up a trailer, there are several rules you need to keep up in mind. Above all, the supreme rule of towing stands- never rush. Take your time to double check every connection and tie downs which can make a big difference injuring yourself and arriving safely. At all times, use safety chains to ensure that the trainer remains attached, even if the ball becomes disconnected. For smaller chains, use the four pin setup and for larger ones, make use of the seven pin. Ensure that the connector is off the ground and well covered to prevent it from rusting.

Always Double Check

After ensuring that your trailer is well balanced and that the safety chains are well in place, the final thing you need to do is to always double check. Commercial vehicle operators are supposed to always walk around the entire truck before taking it to the highway. Do a double check on all the connections and ensure that they are properly fixed. Walk around the trailer and look for any problems that may arise.

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