Things to Avoid When Driving an Automatic Car

Automatic CarIt is without a doubt worth noting that automatic transmission is one of the most significant inventions that were made in the car industry. It is favored by both professional drivers and those with basic skills of driving. However, there have always been questions whether total safety is guaranteed for the driver. Besides, some actions we do while driving automatic cars can eventually cost us a lot of money in repairing and replacing the parts that have worn out in the process. This article discusses five things you should seek to avoid when driving cars with automatic transmissions.

  1. Coasting downhill in neutral gear

Typically, many people who do this want to save fuel. However, it is worth noting that, in modern automatic cars, the transmissions have the ability to cut down the fuel on their own. Therefore, engaging the neutral gear does not save any gas. Besides, a significant part of the control is taken from you because the remaining option is to slow down the vehicle. If, for instance, the brakes fail, it is close to impossible for the driver to gain full control of the vehicle. Indeed, this action has been illegalized in more than 15 states in the U.S.

  1. Stop before switching directions

Many people make the mistake of switching from drive to reverse without stopping the car. By doing this, they are using the transmission instead of the brakes to stop. One of the common adverse effects of this action is to wear out the gearbox at an extremely high rate. Moreover, you should not shift into the Park gear before you push the breaks since it will also damage the gearbox.

  1. Car launching

VolvoTypically, this aspect is experienced when the driver revs the car when it is on a neutral gear and immediately shifts to the drive option so that he can zoom off at a fast speed. If this habit is repeated for several times, the automatic transmission band gets worn, and we all know how expensive it is to repair.

  1. Putting the car in neutral in traffic

Like coasting downhill, some people think that putting the car in neutral gear at a stop light will save fuel. While this might to some extent be true, what is saved is simply a fraction of a gallon, and it comes at the expense of wearing your transmission. It is recommended that, if you want to save your fuel, the best way to do it is to switch off the engine and pull the handbrake.

  1. Shifting into the Park gear before a complete stop

Indeed, some cars will not even allow you do this; but it is not a good thing at all. Before you engage the Park gear, it is paramount to ensure that you have brought your car to a complete stop. This is because the locking pin is quite delicate and it keeps the transmission from running. If it is damaged, the whole system may not function in a relatively efficient way.

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